New Kapadokia

New Kapadokia is lined with huge street-level windows, yet still feels private. A long and narrow space, with a beautifully worn hardwood floor and clothed tables, our restaurant is the definition of understated simplicity.

Kapadokia is a region in eastern Anatolia, in central Turkey. It has spectacular natural wonders and a unique historical and cultural heritage. This region is a part of Asia Minor, and has been inhabited by many, many cultures over the centuries, each contributing to the mosaic of food we serve. We serve delicious, authentic Turkish food and wines. We strive to educate our guest about our region, our people, and of course, our food.

More About Us!

We start by bringing you a tray of the different appetizers we offer, so you can see with your own eyes the fresh ingredients and dedicated preparation we use. Try our dolmas, tender stuffed grape leaves with a seasoned blend of rice, pine nuts, and currants. Our hummus, a garbanzo bean, sesame paste, and garlic spread, and our babaganus, baked eggplant, go together nicely.

Each entrée is served with soup and salad. In addition to our spicy red lentil soup, we also prepare a soup of the day, served with freshly baked lavash bread, a soft, puffy flatbread. Pair one of our soups with a simple, fresh Turkish salad for a quick, satisfying lunch.

We offer many traditional entrees so there is something for everyone. Our kebabs have marinated chunks of lamb, beef, or chicken, or spiced, finely ground meats formed around skewers, and served with rice pilaf and vegetables. Besides kebabs, we have baked eggplant, stuffed with ground beef, tomatoes, and onions. We also have different kinds of casseroles, made with shrimp or chicken or lamb, each unique in their own right, and plenty of vegetarian offerings. When it is time for dessert, we again present you a tray with our offerings, and your server will happily perform a show with your Turkish coffee on his mystical, spinning tray. Come, and break bread together at New Kapadokia, and experience our ancient traditions.